There is a whole school approach to behaviour that ensures clarity and consistency in terms of expectations. To support this we have a developed a ‘Longwell Green Behaviour Target’

The purpose of the target is to recognise and reward those children who live the school values. We call these choices green choices and know that 99% of our children achieve these all the time.

The target shows 3 other sets of choices a child might make a school – an amber choice, a red choice and a purple choice. The target is quite explicit in what constitutes each particular colour choice band. This is to ensure consistency across the school and help children clearly understand what might be the consequences if someone makes a poor choice. Any amber, red or purple choice is recorded in the whole school behaviour log.

Most importantly, we love to celebrate the green choices children make and use class Dojos and Commendation Certificates to reward children who are engaged in their learning, listening and aiming high. All staff also give out courtesy coins to children they notice being friendly, caring and polite. Through our behaviour target, we help children grow into happy and confident individuals who understand the importance of making good choices.

We want our code of behaviour to help us make Longwell Green School a happy and safe place for everyone to work in.



Always do your best to GROW
Try hard with your work
Think about what you need to do
Stay away from places where you should not be
Allow others to work without being disturbed

To yourself
To each other
To the environment

ENJOY your time in school, be happy and healthy
Walk through the school quietly and sensibly
Make playtimes happy for everyone
Eat healthily
Take plenty of exercise

Show  AMBITION by going for it!
Make the most of any opportunities
Help others along the way

Show TOGETHERNESS by being kind
Respect the school’s and other people’s belongings
Talk to others in a polite, well-mannered way
Always be prepared to listen to others
Remember to think before you say or do something:


Download: Longwell Green Behaviour Target