Breakfast Club

Welcome to Longwell Green Primary School Breakfast Club

The Club has been established for many years and aims to provide high quality care of children before school, thereby allowing parents to leave early for work. The club is very popular, with between 30 and 40 children attending each day.

Our breakfast club supervisors, who are all teaching assistants or lunchbreak supervisors, take care of the children from 7.45 am to 8.45 am. The children play games, make models with Lego and other construction equipment and enjoy crafts and colouring acitivities. There is no booking necessary and payment can be made on the door.

Children at Longwell Green enjoy coming to Breakfast Club. Breakfast Club offers a range of food and drink that provides children with a nutritious start to the day. Breakfast is provided by the school kitchen; children may choose to have breakfast at school or at home before they arrive. NO FOOD OR DRINK IS TO BE BROUGHT INTO SCHOOL FROM HOME.

Download: Breakfast Club Leaflet – September 2020

Costs (September 2020):

7.45 am – 8.45 am – £2.50 plus breakfast

8.30 am – 8.45 am – £1.00 (no breakfast is available)

Free Breakfast at Breakfast Club

Any child attending Breakfast Club who is entitled to support from Pupil Premium funding, will receive free breakfast, up to the value of £1.00. Please call at the office for more information.

Activities at Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is established to provide good quality care for children; their safety is paramount and our activities are geared towards providing them with a range of interesting things to do within a calm and purposeful environment.

Between 7.45 and 8.15 all activities are held in the school hall, and include:

  • Table top games, colouring and puzzles,
  • Den making
  • Small world imaginative play
  • At 8.15 children can also choose to go into the playground to take part in physical activities such and football, cricket, hoops or skipping.
  • Children should not bring toys into Breakfast Club – all items are provided.
  • All children pack up the activities ready for school at 8.45.

Ethos and Behaviour

The ethos at Breakfast Club supports the school’s GREAT values of growth, respect, enjoyment, ambition and to-getherness. The organisation is designed to help children develop in a number of ways: gaining independence and self-esteem showing respect to each other and the adult supervisors enjoying the food and range of activi-ties on offer trying new games and activities playing together with everyone else at Breakfast Club.

Breakfast Club uses the school behaviour target and encourages all children to stay on ‘green’. Children who move from green are recorded in the Breakfast Club book and parents will be informed if their child receives three ‘ambers’ or any time they receive a ‘red’.

Green behaviours: engaged in activities; being polite; listening to others; being friendly
Amber behaviours: disrupting others; name calling; teasing; damaging property; swearing
Red behaviours: physical violence; bullying; racism; rudeness to staff