Community Involvement

Local and Wider Community Involvement

Children have many opportunities to take part in wider community events, such as sporting activities involving other schools and musical performances to audiences made up of people from the local community. At a recent concert one member of the audience said, ‘Thank you for giving us so much pleasure’. The school also encourages children to play a role in many charity events each year and participation in community involvement outside of school is recognised and celebrated. Children are encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial skills at regular school trade fairs. We have a specific member of staff who is responsible for developing these links; if parents are keen to establish community links they should contact the school office.

As well as learning a modern foreign language while at school, the children are also involved in other global work, either with our partner schools or through the curriculum which aims to help prepare them for living in a multicultural world. We regularly have visits from people from around the world, e.g. Ugandan farmers, Spanish teachers.


A representative from Lepra gave a talk to the children of Longwell Green Primary School during their assembly on Monday 19th January about the work of Lepra and how the charity looks after and treats children and adults with leprosy.

This is to help develop a wider understanding and empathy with people facing health issues which can often isolate them from their communities. Find out what the children learned – 2015 Lepra Assembly

You can change the life of someone living with leprosy

For more information about Lepra’s work, please visit their website:

Our International Partner Schools

Escola Basica do 1 Cicclo Com Pre-Escolar Ribeiro Domingos Dias, Madeira, Portugal
8 Zakladni Skola, Kladno, Czech Republic
Benjamin Rabier School, Chateaurou, France
Siggewi Primary School, Ghaxaq Primary School, Malta
Kihuura Primary School, Masindi District, Uganda
George Schinas Primary School, Luga, Malta

Longwell Green Primary School is continually looking to develop strong links with schools internationally.

It already has a well established link with the ‘Little Angels School’ in Kenya (Africa).  Recently, it has developed a partnership with the École Élémentaire Paul Bert in Coubron about 15km east of Paris (France). School linking is a fun and immensely rewarding and interesting way for pupils to learn about other countries and exchange information and ideas. The two schools share examples of children’s work and respective news.

French is taught as a second language throughout the school and we often host foreign language assistants to help our pupils gain confidence in speaking and listening to a native speaker and understanding cultural differences.