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We are a ‘GOOD‘ School and the most recent visit from Ofsted confirms this!

Ofsted Report (24 – 25 September 2019)

Read the Darren Brown, Headteacher – Letter to parents

Please download the report from Ofsted to read and/or print your own copy.

Ofsted Inspection Report 2019

Ofsted inspection feedback:

As a school we are very pleased by the inspector’s findings and some of the key statements I would like to highlight are the following:

  • Leaders make sure that pupils learn a wide range of subjects.
  • Teachers read to pupils regularly. This helps pupils learn to love lots of different books.
  • Leaders have recently made changes in mathematics. They are focusing on making sure that pupils understand basic concepts. 
  • Pupils with SEND have positive attitudes towards their work and are supported effectively.
  • Pupils conduct themselves well. They have good attitudes towards their learning.
  • Staff and parents are positive about the school. They have confidence in leaders and they believe that the school is improving.
  • Governors work is also effective. They understand the strengths and weaknesses of the school.
  • Children listen to adults and are enthusiastic about all the activities on offer in the classroom.
  • Leaders make sure that the early years curriculum develops children’s language well. Teachers are ambitious with their choice of vocabulary.
  • Leaders have developed a strong safeguarding culture. All staff understand their roles in keeping children safe. 

I would like to extend my thanks to the staff, pupils, parents and governors of the school who have collectively helped to  make Longwell Green the school that was recognised and praised by the inspector. We know we have some ‘next steps’ to achieve and while we will be striving to accomplish these we will  also be aiming to develop all-round outstanding provision for the children.