Ethos, Vision, Values & Aims

Our Ethos

A warm welcome to Longwell Green Primary School. Longwell Green Primary is a vibrant and engaging school where all who attend and work here are proud to be part of our school, and proud to be part of our extended Longwell Green family. Longwell Green Primary is a welcoming and happy place to learn and grow.

We believe we are preparing children for their future lives while helping them to appreciate, recognise and value the unique place they hold in their own lives and the lives of those they touch and how this can be used to promote mutual improvement and valuing of all.  We achieve this through reaching for the highest standards and ensuring we provide a wide range of enriching experiences, all of which are underpinned by these, our vision and values.

At Longwell Green Primary School we strive to enable each child to make real contributions to their own life and the life of those around them, in part in preparation for living fulfilling and impactful lives as they grow. We want our children to develop kindness, excitement, interest and curiosity.  We want them to be reflective and aware, to ask big questions and to endeavour to improve the circumstances of others. We recognise that each child is an individual and we value the achievements of all, and support others through the teaching of explicit skills to do the same.  

For more about our Ethos, Vision, Values and Aims – how we came to decide upon them and how we plan to include then in our everyday lives at Longwell Green, please see the download below:

Download: Our school Vision and Values in depth – 2020

Our School Vision

“Inspiring Learning.”

Our vision is for Longwell Green School to be in the top 20% of schools nationally, with all children achieving their personal best and being well prepared for lifelong learning and future successes; and to be a school supported and regarded with pride by the community.

Our Core Values

Our school community has agreed on our core values -they are GREAT

Growth – We enable people to grow academically and enhance personal well being

Respect – We respect ourselves, each other and the wider environment, recognising and valuing diversity

Enjoyment – We enjoy our time in school, through learning and playing together

Ambition – We work together to inspire ambition, trying new challenges and taking risks in a safe environment

Togetherness -Growth, respect, enjoyment and ambition must take place in a spirit of togetherness as learners and professionals

British Values

Download: British Values at Longwell Green