X-country competition

A huge congratulation to all of the year 5s & 6s who participated in this year’s CSET X-Country League. Over the last few terms, they have represented Longwell Green in three challenging rac-es against a number of local schools. The league began with a 1000m race at Beacon Rise, where they had their first taste of competition. The girls’ team, which included Izzy, Carys, Lily, Mia, Jasmine and Molly had the difficult task of going first, but they all rose to the challenge and managed to finish the race with a smile. The boys’ team of Harry, Dom, Fletcher, Alfie, Isaac and Callum also gave it their all and showed huge determination to complete the race. The courses have been longer and more challenging each time with a 1200m run at Blackhorse Primary and the final 1 mile race at Pomphrey Hill. It has been great to see their running improve race by race and we have been blown away by their drive and commitment. They have represented the school excellently and should be proud of all that they have achieved. A special mention must go to Elijah from Year 3 who jumped in at the last moment to compete against many children 2 and 3 years older than him at the mile long event at Pomphrey Hill. He did exceptionally well coming in the top third of all competitors and helped give the boys their highest ranking in the team com-petition over the 3 races. Thank you to all the parents and supporters who have come along and cheered both the boys and girls teams on, it has been much appreciated! Bring on next year’s competition!

Sports relief Week 19th- 23rd March 2018

As a school we made it our mission to Step up and each attempt to run a mile everyday for a whole week. Over the week the children, teachers and TAs stepped up to the challenge and pushed themselves each day to do more laps than the last. As a whole school we have achieved a huge 1570.75 miles!

On the Friday we dressed up in our favourite sports gear and alongside our run we brought in silver coins and have raised a total of £254.09 for Sports Relief which is fantastic!

The children liked to compete against themselves and each day wanted to try and move further than the day before even if it was by just 1 lap of the playground! This is a great attitude to have and shows that our children are determined and persisted with this challenge. They also wanted to know who was the most improved in their own classes and who has travelled the furthest, each teacher kept a track of this and was able to share the information with their class.
Overall B6 ran the most miles in the whole school by achieving 151 miles between them over the week followed closely by P3 who achieved 149.7 miles.

In EYFS Teddy from Squirrels class ran the most miles completing 4.1 miles over the week which was a whopping 66 laps of the playground!

In Key Stage 1 Ashton and Sophie H from D2 ran the most miles completing 4.9 and 4.8 miles respectively. In Lower Key Stage 2 Charlie from P3 ran the most miles completing 7.3 miles over the course of the week. In Upper Key Stage 2 Fletcher from C5 ran the most miles completing 7.5 miles over the course of the week.

Thank you for your support with this challenge. We are really pleased that we raised £254.09 for Sports Relief.

Foundation Stage and KS1 Nativity

It was lovely to see so many parents, grandparents, carers and family members at the nativity productions this week. The children put on a wonderful show and the performances were thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended.

Our Year 2 cast from “It’s a Baby”.

Tree Planting

With the school Eco Team and volunteers from the Forest of Avon Trust
On Wednesday we had some visitors from the Forest of Avon Trust who came in with about 60 new trees to plant in our school grounds. With a little looking after, they should grow into a new woodland area at the top of the playground and a Willow “fedge” (a cross between a fence and a hedge!) around the play equipment. They also brought us some fruit trees for the sensory garden.
All of the school Eco Team went out during the day to help with the planting. Luckily we had great weather and the planting went very well.
How we planted the trees
“First we had to put the roots in a hole. Then we had to put the stalk up to another stick and then put a plastic tube around it to keep it stable.” (Grace, Y6)
“My favourite bit was the mud!” (Florence, Y2)
Thank you to the Forest of Avon Trust and the Eco Team who worked hard to carefully plant all of trees. When you are around the new trees, please remember to treat them with care and respect so that they can grow up into strong healthy trees.
Volunteers needed!
At the moment, the Willow trees have been planted in the correct positions to create the living hedge but they have not yet been woven into shape. We are looking for volunteers from the local community to join a working party in January to weave the trees into shape. If you have any previous experience of working with Willow that would be fantastic but if not you are still welcome to come along and lend a hand. Due to the lack of daylight we will probably need to organise a session for an early afternoon but this may be flexible depending on the volunteers. If you are interested, please contact the school office to sign up.

Sensory Garden

We are delighted to say that the Sensory Garden is open! Children have been starting to go into it during breaktimes, and there is a lot of interest in all the plants and various items dotted around. The garden is not finished; there are trees to be planted soon and plenty of other colourful objects will be added but it has been nice to open it up to the children. Thank you to everyone who has contributed plants, compost and other items to make the garden so appealing. Any plants or interesting objects gratefully received!

KS2 production – The Mystery of Magpie Manor

All the children in KS2 gave two wonderful performances of The Mystery of Magpie Manor this week. The singing was lively and engaging and the acting by both B6 and E6 was superb. The high quality of the per-formances was the result of hard work on behalf of the all children and of course the staff who worked with them. Special thanks must go to Mrs English, Mrs Hatcliffe and Mrs Hawley for the props and scenery; Miss Burkett and Miss Evans for directing the Y6 acting; and Mrs Cardy for the overall musical direction. A fantastic performance to end the year!

Red Nose Day

Thank you to everyone who helped support Comic Relief last Friday. The school was awash with red!
The School Council gave an assembly to the shcoool to explain the important work that Comic Relief do to help children less lucky than ourselves. Thank you and well done – we raised an amazing £345.97.

World Book Day

On Friday, 3rd March we had a great day in school celebrating World Book Day. The children in Year 2 were really inventive in their costume choices – please see some examples below:

School Grounds Update: Eco Team Tree Planting

On Wednesday, members of the Eco Team enjoyed a drizzly time out in the playground with Mrs Taylor planting twenty-six trees. They did a great job digging up some very squelchy soil and were careful with the tiny saplings as they went into the ground. Well done and thank you to the Eco Team and to Mr Crane who kindly gave up his time to help us.