Fire Zone

The Fire Zone includes two Year 1 classes and two Year 2 classes. In Terms 2 and 3 we have really enjoyed taking part in enrichment activities. During enrichment we mix up the classes so we get the chance to meet and work with all of the children in the zone. Our enrichment activities this term have been learning to play chess, arts and craft and thinking about other cultures. During the year, the children also have the opportunity to take part in cooking activities in mixed age groups.

The children in the Fire Zone take pride in demonstrating to us that they are using the Achievasaur learning skills. This means that they are working hard, concentrating, working well with other children and showing determination. The children are encouraged to think about how they learn and how they can become more independent.

Teachers in Years 1 and 2 Fire Zone

Lauren Bollom (Part-time Flame)

Robert Bird (Ember)

Kirsty Davies (Spark)

Lauren Raggett (Blaze)

Namoi Saywell (Part-time Flame)