General Information


Scooters are a very popular means of transport which we encourage. However, children have to exercise care when bringing scooters to school. Your co – operation in this is really appreciated. A secure scooter storage area is provided for children to park their scooters during the school day. This is situated on the playground just inside the main gates. In order to avoid confusion scooters should have the child’s name or clear indicator of ownership on them.


As a Bike It! school we encourage children (and parents) to cycle to school, and provide cycle training for older children to give them the confidence and skills to ride safely. Please use the cycle storage provided at the front of the school with a good lock. Our cycle storage caters for 40 bikes. The school cannot take responsibility for any loss

Concerns and Complaints

Our experience is such that the great majority of concerns are resolved through informal discussions with the class teacher or Headteacher. Any written complaints should be made using the specified form available from the school office. The school’s complaints procedure is available on the school website or from the office.


Parking is always a problem at the beginning and end of the day. Cars can drop off outside the school until 8am but are not permitted to do so after this. Parents may use the church car park just 100 metres from school or park in the Community Centre as well. The safety of children must be our major concern and Ellacombe Road is a dangerous place. Thoughtless parking is always a problem, and as part of its Travel Plan (see section 6) the school takes active steps to ensure the safety of the children as they arrive or leave school, and this will include working closely with the local authorities . PLEASE DO ALL YOU CAN TO HELP.


Dogs are not allowed on the school site for health and safety reasons. The only exception to this is if a dog is being brought into class for curriculum purposes, and to assist people with a visual impairment. Dogs should not be tied up to the school railings as this can be worrying for other children.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the school site. We also request that adults do not smoke directly outside the school gates for health reasons.