Healthy Schools

The Eatwell Plate

The children have been told about the Eatwell Plate, which is a simple way of managing diet so a good range of food is eaten. The Eat-well Plate is being promoted by Public Health England and a picture of the Eatwell Plate is attached to this newsletter and more information is on the school website. We are encouraging children to look at their food in terms of the Eatwell Plate, and in particular the proportion of fruit and vegetables in the diet. Our new salad cart is really helping to increase the amount of vegetables being eaten at lunchtime!

Download: Eatwell Guide to Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Corner
We have been building on the introduction of the salad cart this week and we have talked to the children about the ‘rainbow plate’; this is the idea that if we eat food from a range of colours we are more likely to have the nutrients that we need to be healthy and fit. I have attached a copy of the sheet ‘Taste a Rainbow’ to this newsletter; this has come from The Great Grub Club, a great website for finding out about healthy eating. This sheet will give you plenty of information about the rainbow plate and maybe children could try items form this at home? The website also has the recipe for the ‘funky fajitas’ that Year 5 have been preparing this term. They are a fun healthy meal to prepare with children and then enjoy together! The website address is