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Once Upon a Time – EYFS WOW day

On our WOW day, we investigated which material would make the best house for the three little pigs. We had to choose between newspaper, sugar cubes, blocks and marshmallows with cocktail sticks.
The children predicted which material they thought was best.

– Marshmallows because they are so sticky
– Blocks because they are strong
– Sugar cubes because they look like bricks.

We had 10 minutes to build a house with our chosen material. After 10 minutes the big bad wolf came (a hair dryer) and tried to blow them down. We then discussed what we observed. – The marshmallows stayed up because they were sticky. – The blocks fell down because they had nothing to stick to. – The sellotape helped the paper stay strong when I stuck a roof on to hold it together.

We had great fun being fairy tale scientists on our WOW day!