Reporting to Parents

Parent/Teacher meetings

Parents meet formally with their child’s teacher three times a year.

September: An Introductory meeting to enable parents to learn about the class organisation, behaviour expectations, home learning and the year’s programmes of study.

October/November: Individual appointments with your child’s teacher

February/March: Individual appointments with your child’s teacher

June/July: Any matters that arise from your child’s written report may be discussed with the teacher (please see below).

In addition there will be opportunities to meet with school staff to find out about the curriculum and children’s learning.

The school has a Family Link Adviser and she will meet with all new parents and also any parent who needs to discuss family issues.

The school operates an open door policy to discuss any matters relating to school life. This means parents are welcome to contact both the Headteacher, their child’s teacher or the Family Link Adviser at any time.

Should the school have any concern about your child’s progress you will be contacted.

Written Report

A written report outlining your child’s progress over the academic year is provided at the end of the year.


There is a weekly newsletter that informs families about what is happening in school. This comes out each Friday and parents can choose either an electronic or paper version.

Focus Groups

Parents are sometimes invited to join a School Focus Group that look at an aspect of school life that is being developed e.g. communication, behaviour.

The Website

There is much more information for parents this website.