Special Educational Needs (SEND)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

SENCo: Charlotte Lock

In line with the new SEND Code of Practice, we are fully committed to an inclusive curriculum, ensuring the best possible progress for all of our pupils whatever their needs or abilities. Our aim is to enable all pupils to have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, supporting the development of the whole child.

When children join the school we establish information regarding a child’s individual needs through discussion with parents and carers, pre-school providers and any other agencies that have been involved with their child.

Systems are in place to monitor and assess pupil progress. If we believe that a child has special educational needs we will discuss this with parents and carers, either initially with the class teacher and/or the school’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).

If a child’s name is placed on the school’s SEN register then an appropriate programme of school action is devised and reviewed at regular intervals. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is written, outlining key targets for each child and strategies to support are identified. Pupils and parents are encouraged to take an active role in the review process of an IEP. An IEP is reviewed three times a year.

If a child is not responding sufficiently to any additional support we are able to provide in school, and after discussion with parents/carers, we may refer to them to an Educational Psychologist or other outside agencies for advice. In certain circumstances it may be necessary for a child to be given an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP), previously known as Statements of SEN. Children who have an EHCP or Statement of SEN, in addition to the IEP review process, will have an Annual Review meeting to review the objectives and outcomes.

We believe that regular and reliable communication and sharing of information between the school and pupils’ families is essential in building effective communication and supporting the needs of individuals with SEN. We liaise closely with outside agencies, support service within the Local Authority and work within an alliance of schools locally to maximise our resources and expertise.

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