The School Day

Leaving your child

When children start school in September, parents accompany children coming into Reception class. For other year groups, and for reception children from the beginning of term 6, children come into school by themselves through the first door inside the gate. This helps with developing independent skills, reduces congestion and helps lessen the risk of strangers being around school. A member of senior staff and the Family Link Adviser are at the gate to greet the children each morning.

Meeting your child

All children are collected in the playground outside the exit doors through which the children leave. Again, we request that parents stay in the playground and do not go into school for the reasons given above. Parents who do need to come into school must come via the front entrance. Please sign in and collect a visitor’s badge.

School Times

The times of the school day are as follows:

Morning school

8.55 for all children (school gates/doors open at 8.45am)

Morning Play time

KS1: 10.25 – 10.40

KS2: 10.45 -11.00


Lunch time

FS/KS1: 12.00 – 1.00

KS2: 12.00 -1.00


Afternoon Play time

KS1: 2.25 -2.35

Home time 3.15 for all children