Water Zone

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.’

Nelson Mandela.

Water Zone consists of two year 5 classes and two year 6 classes. As children progress through the school, they take on greater responsibility and are expected to set an exemplary example to the younger children. We encourage children to do this by volunteering for jobs that support the school community, for example setting up the school ready for school assemblies, delivering registers and ringing the school bell.

Teachers in Years 5 and 6 Water Zone 

​Ryan Calvey (Mississippi)

Anna Cranmer (Maths lead/Thames)

Aaron Pritchard (Amazon)

Clarissa Ward (Nile)



At the beginning of the school year all children from Water Zone have the opportunity to go on a residential visit. Year 5 visit Hooke Court in Dorset for three days and year 6 visit Stone Farm in Devon for four days


We encourage children to develop their sporting abilities by taking part in inter-school competitions across a variety of sports including cross country, tag rugby, football, athletics, netball, cricket and multi-skills.

Personal challenge

This is an opportunity for children to develop independent learning skills and present their findings in an individual and creative way. Previous topics have included Victorians, Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians; these are shared within the year group and whole school community.

Zone assemblies

This is a time each week for the zone to get together. There is a theme for each term throughout the year. Children are encouraged to contribute to their zone by communicating effectively with each other, sharing ideas and talents and celebrating achievements. Each week children work hard to earn points for their class by lining up quickly and quietly at the end of playtimes and leaving the cloakroom areas tidy.