Year 1

The latest updates from Year 1

Year 1 Around the UK with Barnaby Bear WOW day

On our WOW day we learnt all about the United Kingdom and we dressed in red, white and blue. We painted the mysterious Loch Ness Monster. We had so much fun learning to Morris Dance. We made delicious Welsh cakes.

Year 1 To Infinity and Beyond WOW day!

The children had a fantastic space WOW day and came into school in their best astronaut costumes! They did astronaut training and explored space, painted planets, made fruit rocket kebabs and experimented with moon dust.

Year 1 Explore Learning

The children had a visit from explore learning where they took part in different activities including measuring one another’s height.

Year 1 WOW day – Party

The children had a fantastic party WOW day and came into school in their best party clothes! They made lemonade, strawberry jelly and birthday cards. We played musical statues and showed off our dance moves! At the end of the day we played pass the parcel and tried our jelly and lemonade. It was a very ex-citing day thinking about parties now and in the past.

‘We loved playing pass the parcel! We all got a prize!’

‘We had to work out which object had been taken! Sometimes it was quite tricky!’

‘We were really surprised, our lemonade was yummy!’

‘We made delicious strawberry jelly.’

‘We had a great WOW day!’

Year 1 WOW day – Senses

The children had a wonderful day on Tuesday, exploring their senses! We played lots of games using their senses. One of the games involved the children putting Miss Wiltshire’s (clean) socks on their hands to use their sense of touch! We also drew around each other in the playground and had a competi-tion to see who could label the most body parts. At the end of the day we were very lucky to have lots of parents and carers visit us to look at our All About Me boxes.