Year 1

This term we are learning about – Term 2 Party time

Y1 WOW Day: Party Time!

On Tuesday Year 1 had a fun-filled day exploring how parties may have been dif-ferent in the past! Below are a selection of sentences and quotes from the chil-dren’s recounts of the day.

  • My favourite part was making strawberry jelly – Bobby W1
  • I liked making jelly because it was fun cutting it up! – Florence W1
  • My favourite part was making paper chains because I like sticking and gluing! – Ashton C1
  • I liked making Jelly because I liked chopping it in half. –Ella-Rae C1
  • I liked making paper chains because it was fun. My team made the longest chain! – Bethany W1
  • We did dancing. I liked it be-cause I’m really good at dancing and it was fun! – Effie C1

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