Year 1

Year 1 WOW day – Get your wellies on!

Year 1 had a fantastic WOW day this week! We had lots of fun becoming scientists and looking at leaves and roots up close using magnifying glasses. The children also created some super chalk drawings of flowers. Children were very careful to create their artwork, looking closely at the different parts of the flowers and replicating these. We also spent lots of time outside! We planted some new flowers and fruit and explored the forest. We discovered mini beasts and talked about where they live and the im-portant jobs these play for our plants and soil.

‘We took weeds out and had a fun day. I found two worms!’ Theo, C1
‘We went outside and made a collage.’ Sophie, W1
‘My favourite bit was playing in the woods because I climbed the Trees.’ Toby, C1
‘We cleaned the courtyard with our gloves on.’ Harry, W1
‘I love everything on our WOW day.’ Effie, C1
‘We planted flowers and all had a great time.’ Amelia, W1


Y1 WOW Day: Party Time!

On Tuesday Year 1 had a fun-filled day exploring how parties may have been dif-ferent in the past! Below are a selection of sentences and quotes from the chil-dren’s recounts of the day.

  • My favourite part was making strawberry jelly – Bobby W1
  • I liked making jelly because it was fun cutting it up! – Florence W1
  • My favourite part was making paper chains because I like sticking and gluing! – Ashton C1
  • I liked making Jelly because I liked chopping it in half. –Ella-Rae C1
  • I liked making paper chains because it was fun. My team made the longest chain! – Bethany W1
  • We did dancing. I liked it be-cause I’m really good at dancing and it was fun! – Effie C1