Year 1

Year 1 WOWday – Get Your Wellies On!

Last Friday it was year 1’s WOW day. We did lots of activities all about nature to link with our topic this term. We painted our own version of Matisse’s Landscape of Corsica, but instead of painting it on paper we painted it on cling film wrapped around the legs of a table!

We spent most of the day outside with our wellies on exploring nature. We collected natural objects and we then looked at the different ways we could sort them out. We considered sorting them based on where they had come from, what objects they were and where we had found them. But we settled on sorting them by colour. We also did a nature scavenger hunt. In groups, we were given clues describing various natural objects and iPads. We had to follow the clues and take a photo of the objects we found. We also had time to learn a few songs all about nature. Lots of fun was had by all!


Year 1 Visit to Wild Place
On Wednesday year 1 went on a school trip to Wild Place. During our visit we had an educational talk from the volunteers who explained the different classifications of animals. The children then had to use clues to answer questions all about the different types of animals, which the children used to classify different animals splitting them into their five groups; mammals, fish, bird, reptile and amphibian. We also learnt all about insects, and how they don’t have bones in the same way that humans do. Some brave children were also given the opportunity to stroke and hold a couple of cockroaches. As well as the talk, we walked around the project and observed the different animals, discussing what group they belonged to and what they liked to eat. As well as watching what they were up to. It was a fun day and everyone had a fantastic time!

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