Year 2

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Year 2 spelling FUN  – a guide of how to make learning spellings fun for everyone at home!

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Displays, Children and Children’s Work 

WOW Day – The Great Fire of London

On Thursday, Year 2 had their Wow day linked to their topic on The Great Fire of London. The children came to school dressed as bakers and chefs and they looked fantastic! Ember classroom turned into a bakery for the day; inspired by the bakery on Pudding Lane, where the great fire started. The day began with the children measuring and weighing the ingre-dients needed to make chocolate chip cookies and were true professionals when it came to rolling out their mixtures and creating their desired shapes. While the bakers created their culinary delights, the other children wrote recipes to explain how to make cookies. After playtime, we swapped classes, allowing everyone to do their baking.

The day was also filled with other fun activities such as; designing a cake and making chef hats. In the afternoon, the children were given bread dough and they learnt how to knead it and form it into round shapes. These were then baked and the children each had a bread roll. It was an extremely busy day and the children had a great time, as did Miss Webb and Miss Davies! It was a definitely a brilliant start to our new topic!