Year 2

How can I help my child at home?


Year 2 spelling FUN  – a guide of how to make learning spellings fun for everyone at home!

Tables – Percy Parker sings songs and there are animations to entertain and support the children as they learn (you need to enter an e mail address to activate it)





Grammar and English – two great websites full of lots of games to help children learn the correct terminology and how to punctuate sentences!


Year 2 WOW Day – Safari

Year 2 had a fantastic WOW Day this week and all came to school dressed as animals to celebrate their safari topic. Please see the lovely recount below by Jessica in D2.


Year 2 WOW Day – Around the World

On Monday the Year 2 children came to school dressed as children from around the world.
We had a brilliant day which started with a visit from Pearl to remind us all about our link school in Kenya. We found out about some differences between the life for a child in Kenya and compared it to our own.

Back in class we tried food and drink from 6 of the 7 different continents and the children were surprised by how many of the foods they enjoyed!

We finished the day using atlases to find flags for different countries and coloured them in accurately.
“I thought talking about Kenya was really good” Martha
“Trying different foods was cool I really liked the popadoms and mango chutney” Dexter
“I actually really liked the biltong. I’m surprised because thought it would be spicy” Joshua C
“I liked tasting the food because the sweet potato fries were really tasty!” Sophie
“ We had some new food and I enjoyed it. The Guava juice drink was my favourite!” Ryan


Year 2 WOW Day – Pudding Lane Bakery

Yesterday, the Year 2 children went back in time when they came to school dressed as bakers and chefs from the Pudding Lane Bakery. They looked spectacular and had a thoroughly exciting day learning lots about the Great Fire of London!

First thing, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Marshfield Bakery. The children made their own scrumptious shortbread biscuits and were very excited to get hands on and use the different cutters.

In class, the children cracked mathematical codes using images from the Great fire of London, made hats of different characters from 1666 such as a baker, King Charles II and Samuel Pepys then they made artefacts from the time out of Lego which they thoroughly enjoyed!

Here are some thoughts from the children on our day:

I liked our WOW day lots. My best part was when I got to make and shape the dough with the bakers. GC

I really enjoyed the part where we got to play with Lego and make all sorts of things from the past. BH

It was really fun because in Guided Reading time we got to play as people from the past. SA

I really liked when we were making biscuits because we got to cut them out in all different shapes. SW

My favourite bit was when we used the Lego to build ovens and the bakery from the past. KN and MN

I liked it when we cut out the hats and put them on our heads to pretend that we were people from the Great fire of London times. RS