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2017-18-Y2 Term 1 Me, me, me

2017-18-Y2 Term 2 Time Machine

How can I help my child at home?


Year 2 spelling FUN  – a guide of how to make learning spellings fun for everyone at home!

Tables – Percy Parker sings songs and there are animations to entertain and support the children as they learn (you need to enter an e mail address to activate it)





Year 2 Animation
On Wednesday, we were very lucky as Robin K’s mum came in to talk to us about her job as an animator. It was VERY interesting for all the children and adults and we learnt so much! Thank you to Robin’s mum for giving up her time to come and speak to us!

Our thoughts about animation:
Alisha: “there’s a skeleton in the puppets just like us but made of metal”
Riley: “different shows have different ways of be-ing animated”
Maddie: “clay puppets break easily”
Alfie: “when you are making a squishy play dough puppet you make it from one bit”
Effie: “that you need to be very careful with the puppet because they cost a lot – about £3,000!”
Ella: “all the amount of people it takes to make a show – it’s a lot”

Year 2 WOW Day – DT

On Monday last week the Year 2s had their DT WOW day. We all came to school dressed as builders and designers ready to create a new getaway vehicle for the three little pigs from the big, bad wolf! First we had to design a vehicle, then construct and decorate to a high standard. When we were finished we then evaluated our finished product. We had a lovely day and lots of us were excited about the thought of being designers or toy makers when we are older!


Year 2 WOW Day – 999

On Monday morning, as part of our WOW day, the Avon Fire and Rescue team came in to visit Year 2. They told us all about their role and what they can help with; from saving people on cliff sides to rescuing little kittens from every place imaginable. We played a game where we had to guess what was happening in a picture and if we were correct we got to hold the cards or puzzle pieces. All the messages were very important for keeping us safe!
We learnt:
To NEVER play with matches and if we find them in the house laying around, tell a grown up who will move them to a safe place.
To test our smoke detectors EVERY WEEK to check they are working!
If we find ourselves on fire we must stop, drop and roll on the floor to put the flames out.
If we find a fire or hear an alarm, we must:
1. Shout Fire Loudly
2. Get out
3. Stay out
4. Call 999!
We had a great morning learning and M2 had to finish their session 5 minutes early as the team were called away and the children got to see them rush off to a real life emergency – VERY exciting!
For the rest of the day we pretended to be Thomas Farriner in his Pudding Lane Bakery and we baked and bagged pretty short bread biscuits. We also developed our pencil sketching skills by colouring in a house with all the different techniques.

Year 2 Events

Children in Need

The children stood in a line were ordering the events of the great fire of London. 

The math pictures are children using manipulatives  to solve number problems and using ‘sharing’ to divide. 

Year 2 WOW Day – Olympic Health champions!
The children had a fantastic day on Wednesday, being Olympic Health champions! They made flags to represent themselves, investigated the best exercise to keep their hearts healthy and then made fun obstacle courses in the hall to keep them active and happy!

It was just amazing! Ella

It was spectacular when we made the obstacle courses! James

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