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Year 2 Bristol Aquarium Wow day

On Wednesday 22nd May, Year 2 went to Bristol Aquarium for their Term 5 Wow Day. It was a fantastic day, enjoyed by all and a memorable way to celebrate our topic on animals and habitats.

The day began with a fun journey on the coach, which the children loved! There was lots of singing and excitement. When we arrived at the aquarium, the children completed some activity packs involving; writing about things they thought they would see, creating poems on different sea life and drawing a range of underwater creatures they thought might be inside the tanks.

Then, the tour began. The children started their visit by looking at some impressive rays and big fish. As we continued through, we saw some baby sharks, some clown fish, some pretty seahorses and lots of tiny star fish. After we were half way around, we fed some enormous fish and some of the children got splashed – they must have been hungry! The children were extremely excited when we came across the electric eel (ask the children the story of how it got to the aquarium), which was really cool. The lady from the aquarium gave us a talk about sharks and we learnt some interesting facts. She told us that sharks don’t actually like humans and if they eat us, they end up spitting us out! The last tank we saw contained some AMAZING fish and sea creatures. In particular, the pufferfish, the unicorn fish and moray eels. Overall, it was a fantastic day brimming with excitement and inquisitiveness which ended with a hot coach journey back to school. When we finally got back, we sat on the field to have a circle time where we shared our favourite parts of the day – a lovely day had by all!

Year 2 Explorers of the World Wow day

On Tuesday, Year 2 celebrated their topic ‘Explorers of the World’. It was an enjoyable day and the children (and parents of course) made a fantastic effort with costumes. The day consisted of many fun activities such as, crafts, Pancake Day activity booklets and eating! We had lots of excitable children who enjoyed learning lots of new facts about Africa from our Link School visitor; Pearl. They had an extremely informative talk from her where they got to see lots of pictures from an area of Kenya. Pearl explained how she has helped to build a school in a deprived area in Kenya which now has 13 classrooms and over 200 children! The children were able to compare their lives to those of the African children and think about how thankful they are for the things and people that they have in their lives.

One of the activities that the children took part in, was using sticks to count; a method that the African children use due to not having the same resources that we do. They then tied the sticks together using string; these will be used at a fundraising event which Pearl is hosting on the weekend.

In the afternoon, we took a trip back to the UK to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. The children were keen to get started on pancake making and thanks to Mrs Duggan, Miss Robb and Mrs Tor-rington, we were able to make just shy of 60 pancakes! While the children were waiting to make their pancakes, they had activity booklets to complete. Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I’m sure there were lots of full tummies!

Year 2 had their Bakery Wow day

Wednesday, Year 2 had their Bakery Wow day linked to their topic of The Great Fire of London.The day began with a range of baking and the children made shortbread biscuits in Miss Mcdonald’s class where they enjoyed mixing different ingredients. They also had the opportunity to bake bread rolls with Mrs Smith; making delicious smells waft through the corridors.

When the children were not out baking, they were in Miss Webb’s class taking part in craft activities. Each child decorated and made their own box to transport their biscuits home in, as well as chef hats. We were very grateful to have Mrs Duggan helping us, as it was challenging to get 58 chef hats made. During the afternoon, the children completed a ‘spot the dangers’ worksheet where they had to find dangers in a kitchen; they then created their own kitchen safety posters which were very informative. Overall, the children had a great wow day full of fun!

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