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How can I help my child at home?


Year 2 spelling FUN  – a guide of how to make learning spellings fun for everyone at home!

Tables – Percy Parker sings songs and there are animations to entertain and support the children as they learn (you need to enter an e mail address to activate it)





Year 2 had their Bakery Wow day

Wednesday, Year 2 had their Bakery Wow day linked to their topic of The Great Fire of London.The day began with a range of baking and the children made shortbread biscuits in Miss Mcdonald’s class where they enjoyed mixing different ingredients. They also had the opportunity to bake bread rolls with Mrs Smith; making delicious smells waft through the corridors.

When the children were not out baking, they were in Miss Webb’s class taking part in craft activities. Each child decorated and made their own box to transport their biscuits home in, as well as chef hats. We were very grateful to have Mrs Duggan helping us, as it was challenging to get 58 chef hats made. During the afternoon, the children completed a ‘spot the dangers’ worksheet where they had to find dangers in a kitchen; they then created their own kitchen safety posters which were very informative. Overall, the children had a great wow day full of fun!

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