Year 3

Year 3 Personal Projects

We would like to say a huge thank you and well done to all of the Year 3 children. Last term the children were asked to complete a personal project for their topic on ‘Extreme Earth’. The children used a range of learning skills to create some truly amazing projects.

During the day the children were able to present their projects to the rest of the school. In the afternoon it was lovely to welcome parents and carers into the hall where the children could showcase their talent!

The children also performed their ‘Volcano Dance’ which they had been developing throughout the term. It was clear that the children had learnt a lot about volcanoes as the dance repre-sented the different stages of a volcanic eruption.

“I really enjoyed the dance, especially using Alice’s dance move to show how the lava was moving.” Honey

“We listened carefully to the music and knew when we needed to make the eruption when the music got louder!” Gracie

“I loved Joseph’s volcano explosion, he made the eruption using vinegar, food colouring, baking soda and soap!” George

“It was great that everyone in the school came to see our projects. Even Mr Si-bley and Mr Brown came!” Kye

“Everyone who came to see our projects were re-ally impressed with how much effort we had put into it.” Finley


Roman Baths

Roman Baths, Bath, Somerset, England

Our visit to the Roman Baths by Amelia P3

Our visit to the Roman Baths by Olivia B3
Year 3 had a fantastic day at the Roman Baths on Monday. The children were a credit to the school, they were well behaved and extremely sensible. They had time to explore the Baths using the audio guides which explained many aspects of Roman life. The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the information as they walked around the site.

The children also took part in a workshop. They had the opportunity to create their own mosaics, dress up in a Toga and Tunic and explore a range of Roman artefacts that were over 2000 years old.


Celt WOW Day

Year 3 had an exciting WOW day on Wednesday. The children came to school dressed as Celts and spent the day experiencing life as a Celt.

I liked doing the weaving. We could choose any colour we wanted. It was quite hard because I kept going wrong! I kept on going and my friend helped me. Ashleigh B3

I came dressed as a Celt. I wore a long cloak. When I came into school we created our own Celtic warrior face design. They were painted on our faces! It was very fun. Louie B3

Weaving was hard but fun and I definitely improved! Amber P3

Max and I had the flat looms which were different to others, the wool got tangled a LOT! Which was frustrating yet it was fun! Jack P3

I made my design firstly on a piece of paper and then we got to make it out of clay! It was such fun! Amelia P3