Year 3


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Roman WOW Day

Last Thursday, year 3 enjoyed their introduction to their History topic on The Romans. It was a fun and motivating day from the beginning to end and the children looked the part in their Roman costumes. They were fortunate to have a Roman workshop from a leader who has appeared in many historical documentaries and feature films, as well as the BBC’s ‘Horrible Histories’. They studied life in Britain during the time of the Romans and leant about the many good things that the Romans did during this time. They explored the dramatic change in the lifestyle of citizens following the arrival of the Roman legions, they took a tour through a bath-house where they discovered how the Romans had im-proved our toilet system and how they were used. They had time to look at and handle many Real Roman artefacts which provided an opportunity to get a real hands-on experience. Other activities were playing the Delta game which is a maths-based game using Roman numerals, they worked with a partner to complete a Roman quiz, they saw and held Roman and Celtic weapons and armour and learnt about Boudicca’s final battle with the Romans. The day finished with a gladiator show, in which the children had all the important roles, from slaves through to the mighty Emperor.


Nutrition WOW Day

Last Friday, Year 3 enjoyed their Wow Day with the theme on ‘Nutrition’. The day was filled with many activities such as, learning how to eat a rainbow, creating a daily menu which contained all the food groups, writing an acrostic poem on healthy eating and making pitta pizzas. They learnt that different coloured foods play different roles in keeping our bodies healthy. To name a few of the benefits, white vegetables help our immune system, Yellow/orange vegetables protect our eyes, red protect our skin, purple improve our memory and green give us healthy bones. We had a fun day dressed as chefs and the most popular part of the day was making pitta pizzas. The aim was to eat a rainbow by choosing a variety of vegetables to top their pizza, like yellow and red peppers, sweetcorn, mushroom, 2 different cheeses, tomatoes and fresh basil. We also took the opportunity to provide the children with scales to measure some of the ingredients. This was to give prior learning for their maths lessons on mass in a few weeks. Thank you for support and to the parents who gave their time to help in the morning.


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