Year 4

Term 5 Willsbridge WOW Day

Tuesday, Year 4 went to Willsbridge Mill as part of their mini-beasts and habitats topic for this term. It was a lovely day with lots of fun activities. As they entered Willsbridge Mill, they played nature bingo by ticking off the plants or bugs as they spotted them. Next, they found a tranquil spot around the pond and sketched their surroundings. It was a relaxing place to be with lots to capture their attention and interest as they stared into the pond.

Then it was time for bug hunting. They investigated the local area in search for a variety of bugs to record and tally. Follow-ing that, they all found a peaceful spot deeper into the woods in order to absorb what was going on around them using their senses. This then gave them ideas to produce some acrostic and free verse poetry. Then it was time for a long awaited lunch, (many asking from 9:30am if it was lunch time yet!) They found a comfy spot on the grass where all of year 4 sat and enjoyed time together. The day was finished with a scavenger hunt and pond dipping, this was the highlight of the day for many. Lots of pond life was caught in the nets and placed into water trays so the chil-dren could have a closer look. A very large frog was caught as well as tadpoles, snails, and a couple of newts who were named Nathan, Norbert and Norman.

I’ve got a lot of detail on my sketch. I’m using the side of my pencil to capture the clouds.
Millie W4

I like the tadpoles. I could sit here and watch them all day.
Jack F E4


Term 4 French WOW Day

Last Thursday, Year 4 celebrated their French topic for this term. It was an enjoyable day and the children (and parents of course) made a fantastic effort with costumes. The day consisted of many fun activities such as, crafts, baking and French activity booklets.

One classroom was transformed into a French café where the children had the opportunity to sample French food such as pain au chocolate and brie on baguette. They demonstrated their French vocabulary by role playing as customers and waiters/waitresses.

hey made a traditional French cake called a Galette des Rois, which the French people bake and eat in January to celebrate the Epiphany. This religious festival is to remember the three Kings who visited the baby Jesus bearing gifts. To signify this, the cake is baked with an ornament placed inside and whoever cuts the slice containing the ornament, will be King/Queen for the day. The children made individual Galettes and before they were baked, Mrs English and Miss Webb hid an iced gift inside one from E4 and one from W4. Our 2 Kings, Marcus and Oscar F sat proudly on their thrones, wearing a crown for the rest of the day.

It was brilliant to dress up in French costumes.
Ruby C E4

I liked colouring my booklet and creating my own French café menu.
Willow E4

I liked tasting the French food, my favourite was pain au chocolat.
Sammy W4

I enjoyed having a French café in our class-room, it felt like a real French café.
Millie W4

Term 3 Water Wow Day

Last Tuesday, Year 4 had their Water Wow day. They were fortunate to have a volunteer from Wessex Water and Water Aid to demonstrate the importance to water and how it is viewed around the world.

In the morning, Wessex water provided them with scientific equipment and the hall was set up as a science lab. They worked in small groups and carried out experiments using chemicals to test the pollution levels in a variety of local rivers.

Water Aid taught the children the uses of water and how in many other countries water is not safe or even accessible. They shared stories of how safe water and toilets transform communities around the world.

This was an eye opener for us all and the children were extremely respectful asking lots of questions.

In the afternoon, they worked with a partner to design and make a water cycle in a bag (they are hanging in the classroom window if you would like to see). This was a fun activity that linked nicely to our science and topic for this term. They deigned posters of ‘how to save water’ and completed a water booklet of fun activities.

I liked making posters for saving water – Ava W4
I enjoyed doing the chemical experiments checking for pollution in the water – Adam E4
I liked doing the water cycle in a bag. We drew the water cycle on the front of the bag, then poured some water with blue colouring in. Now we are waiting to see what happens to it in the window –
Summer W4

Year 4 Viking WOW Day

On Tuesday, Year 4 had their Viking wow day and were visited by a Viking who had set up camp in our school hall.

The day began with a raid on the classrooms and then the children were taken to the Viking settlement to join their war band.

They spent the day learning what life was like as a Viking. This involved the warrior and his weapons, their Gods, life and death, gender roles, food and drink, health and hygiene, runes and games.

All of the children had the opportunity to play a character in the story-telling presentation which helped them to step back to Viking days. The day was high impact, high energy and entertaining as well as educational and memorable.

I enjoyed acting out the plays and being lifted up (I was nervous though). Isabelle

I liked doing the acting and I was Odin who is King of the Viking Gods. Sam

I enjoyed watching the two plays and acting out the stories. I also loved dressing up. Amber

I liked feeling the sword, helmet, shield and armour. Reef

I liked it when he scared us by coming into the classroom to take us to be a Viking. Marcus

I liked the funny acting and making the fire. Luke

I enjoyed it when we did the first play. Theo