Year 4

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2017-18-Y4 Term 1 Celebrating Us

2017-18-Y4 Term 2 Victorious Vikings

Vikings WOW Day

On Monday, Year 4 had their Viking wow day and were visited by a Viking who had set up camp in our school hall.
The day began with a raid on the classrooms and then the children were taken to the Viking settlement to join their war band.

They spent the day learning what life was like as a Viking. This involved the warrior and his weapons, their Gods, life and death, gender roles, food and drink, health and hygiene, runes and games.

All of the children had the opportunity to play a character in the story-telling presentation which helped them to step back to Viking days. The day was high impact, high energy and en-tertaining as well as educational and memorable.

Teeth and Heathy Eating WOW Day

On Tuesday, Year 4 had their Wow day on Healthy Eating and Looking After Your Teeth.
The day began considering any questions that the children had regarding their Teeth. We were fortunate to have a visit from the local Dental Surgery, who gave a presentation on ‘How and Why to look after your teeth.’ During this time, the children then had the opportunity to ask the dentist their questions. The dentist was very impressed with the sophisticated and thoughtful questioning from all of the children. Questions like:

  • “What are teeth made of?”
  • “How many adult teeth do we have?”
  • “How long does it take teeth to decay if they are not brushed?”
  • “Do your teeth start to grow when you are in your mum’s tummy?”

The rest of the day was filled with fun activities such as, creating healthy menu, completing a healthy eating and teeth booklet and designing a healthy pizza. They all had the chance to make their own colourful pizza on pitta with a rainbow of vegetables. The pizzas looked and smelt delicious so apologies if they were devoured before they left the classroom.