Year 4

Year 4 trip to ‘We the Curious’

On Monday, Year 4 went to We The Curious for Term 6 Wow Day -Electricity. It was a fantastic day, enjoyed by all and a memorable way to celebrate the topic for the end of Year 4.

The day began with an Electricity workshop where the children learnt about where electricity comes from and its uses. Then, they learnt about conductors and insulators by testing various materials in electrical circuits and placing them in a venn diagram. They discovered they could make a human circuit and that electricity will always find the shortest route. They were given salt dough, a bulb and a 9v battery to create their own electrical circuit which they took home.

After lunch, they went around in small groups exploring the centre completing various trails and answering questions in their booklets on Our world and Magnetism & Electricity and Energy. To finish our time there, the children were given free time to explore and investigate anything they wanted to revisit or had maybe missed on the journey around the centre. We The  Curious is brimming with so many scientific experiments and activities it was challenging to see everything with all of the children, so giving them the freedom to visit their own interests was a rewarding and pleasurable time for them. Finally, to finish off a great day and a hot journey back on the coach, we sat in the outdoor classrooms and enjoyed ice pops.

Year 4 trip to Willsbridge Mill

On Tuesday, Year 4 went to Willsbridge Mill as part of their mini-beasts and habitats topic for this term. It was a lovely day with lots of fun activities. As they entered Willsbridge Mill, they played nature bingo by ticking off the plants or bugs as they spotted them. Next, they found a tranquil spot around the pond and sketched their surroundings. It was a relaxing place to be with lots to capture their attention and interest as they stared into the pond. Then it was time for bug hunting. They investigated the local area in search for a variety of bugs to record and tally. Following that, they all found a peaceful spot deeper into the woods in order to absorb what was going on around them using their senses. This then gave them ideas to produce some acrostic and free verse poetry. Then it was time for a long awaited lunch, (many asking from 10:30am if it was lunch time yet!) They found a comfy spot on the grass where all of year 4 sat and enjoyed time together. The day was finished with a scavenger hunt and pond dipping, this was the highlight of the day for many. Lots of pond life was caught in the nets and placed into water trays so the children could have a closer look.

Latest updates from Year 4

In term 4, Year 4 held an RE week based on Ramadan and Eid.

During the week, they learnt what Ramadan is, why it is important to many Muslims and what Muslims do during the month of Ramadan.

They then learnt about Eid and how it is the celebration at the end of Ramadan and a time to be grateful for what we have.

To celebrate their learning of Eid, they coloured in Mindfulness Eid patterns and made Eid biscuits in the shape of a moon and star.

The lovely and informative story, ‘Ramadan Moon’ was used as part of their RE week and filtered effortlessly into their writing for English.  They wrote a variety of poems using many of their writing features that they had been studying for the week (many of their poems can be seen on our Wow Windows or display in Earth Zone corridor).

Year 4 Explore Europe WOW Day

At the end of last term, Year 4 celebrated their topic ‘Explore Europe’. It was an enjoyable day and the children (and parents of course) made a fantastic effort with costumes.

The day consisted of many fun activities such as, crafts, Europe activity booklets and eating!

The classrooms were transformed into a French café where the children had the opportunity to sample various European
foods such as, tortilla, pasta, bratwurst, brie, soda bread (thanks to Mrs Duggan) and Welsh cakes (thanks to Mrs Brodie).

They were keen to try new foods and discovered they liked things they had never tasted before. I am pleased to say, there was no food left at the end of the day!

The day was a fantastic opportunity to combine their Geography and French knowledge which they had been studying in term 4. They demonstrated their confidence of speaking in French by role playing as customers, waiters and waitresses whilst discovering typical foods of countries in Europe that they had been learning about.

Year 4 Jewish Synagogue Trip

Last Wednesday, Year 4 went on a trip to the Bristol and West Progressive Synagogue. This was a fantastic opportunity. The children have been studying ‘How do people decide what is right or wrong?’ with a focus on Judaism, Christianity and Humanism. Part of their lesson on Judaism was learning about The Ten Commandments and what they mean to Jewish people. 

The visit to the synagogue provided a piece to the puzzle in understanding The Commandments from a Jewish perspective, gaining an insight which could not be learnt in the classroom. The morning was enjoyed by all of the children and even the adults admitted that they had learnt lots.

On arrival, we were greeted by Iris who is the School visits coordinator at the Synagogue. She made us feel very welcome and was extremely easy and captivating to listen to. The children learnt the difference between an orthodox synagogue and her synagogue (The Bristol and West Progressive  synagogue). They discovered that in an orthodox synagogue, men and women would sit separately. The children were trying on Jewish skull caps (Kippah) and prayer shawls (Tallit) that only the men would wear.

Iris shared familiar stories with the children such as No- ah’s Ark, which is a story found in not only Judaism, but Christianity and Islam. They were able to look through printed copies of The Torah and discovered it is written in English and Hebrew with musical notes to sing parts of it. Volunteers were chosen to pull the curtain to reveal the Ark (cupboard) which holds the Torah scrolls  inside.  Then Iris allowed a few children to participate in removing the different items from the scroll to reveal it. The children were mesmerised by the intricate detail and respect given to the Torah scrolls and the beautiful Ark which had the Ten Commandments written on the doors in Hebrew. 

Before we left, we shared bread together (Challah) which is a traditional loaf eaten on Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat) and holidays.

The Synagogue trip has also been a fantastic opportunity as it has meant that Longwell Green Primary have completed the three elements to receive The WIRE award. We are the First School in South Gloucestershire to receive this award.

Thank you to all Year 4 parents who made this possible. Mrs English and Miss Webb.

Year 4 Water WOW Day

Year 4 had their Water Wow day.
They were fortunate to have a volunteer from Wessex Water and Water Aid to demonstrate the importance to water and how it is viewed around the world.

In the morning, Wessex water provided them with scientific equipment and the hall was set up as a science lab. They worked in small groups and carried out experiments using chemicals to test the pollution levels in a variety of local rivers. Water Aid taught the children the uses of water and how in many other countries water is not safe or even accessible. They shared stories of how safe water and toilets transform communities around the world. This was an eye opener for us all and the children were extremely respectful asking lots of questions. In the afternoon, they worked with a partner to design and make a water cycle in a bag (they are hanging in the classroom window if you would like to see). This was a fun activity that linked nicely to our science and topic for this term. They deigned posters of ‘how to save water’ and completed a water booklet of fun activities.

When water is sucked into the sky it’s called evaporation. We measured how clean the water was by using chemicals and a chart. Joseph J W4

I really liked when we made the water cycle bags, especially the drawings on the front. I learnt that evaporation is when the water gets taken into the air and turns into a gas. Finley E4

Mindfulness  to help them keep calm and relax and Zumba for PE.

Vikings WOW Day

On Monday, Year 4 had their Viking wow day and were visited by a Viking who had set up camp in our school hall.
The day began with a raid on the classrooms and then the children were taken to the Viking settlement to join their war band.

They spent the day learning what life was like as a Viking. This involved the warrior and his weapons, their Gods, life and death, gender roles, food and drink, health and hygiene, runes and games.

All of the children had the opportunity to play a character in the story-telling presentation which helped them to step back to Viking days. The day was high impact, high energy and en-tertaining as well as educational and memorable.

Teeth and Heathy Eating WOW Day

On Tuesday, Year 4 had their Wow day on Healthy Eating and Looking After Your Teeth.
The day began considering any questions that the children had regarding their Teeth. We were fortunate to have a visit from the local Dental Surgery, who gave a presentation on ‘How and Why to look after your teeth.’ During this time, the children then had the opportunity to ask the dentist their questions. The dentist was very impressed with the sophisticated and thoughtful questioning from all of the children. Questions like:

  • “What are teeth made of?”
  • “How many adult teeth do we have?”
  • “How long does it take teeth to decay if they are not brushed?”
  • “Do your teeth start to grow when you are in your mum’s tummy?”

The rest of the day was filled with fun activities such as, creating healthy menu, completing a healthy eating and teeth booklet and designing a healthy pizza. They all had the chance to make their own colourful pizza on pitta with a rainbow of vegetables. The pizzas looked and smelt delicious so apologies if they were devoured before they left the classroom.