Year 5

Year 5 WOW Day

Last week, on Wednesday 30th November, Year 5 had a fantastic WOW day where we got to experience school as the Victorians would have! Upon arriving to school, we were greeted by our strict Victorian teachers. They instructed us to sit in rows, in complete silence. AJ in B5 said that it was very strict! If we did talk, we experienced Victorian punishments like writing lines. “I really liked the Victorian punishments!” (PC). After this, we went into the hall to play Victorian games like Blind Man’s Bluff and Sculptor.

Lunch was very different to usual. We sat in our classroom and ate our authentic Victorian lunches which consisted of a hunk of bread and a block of cheese! Some lucky paupers even had a meat pie! There was no chocolate in sight but Mrs Brice and Mr Jones gave us slices of delicious Victoria sponge cake!

In the afternoon, we created our own looms so that we could weave. Luckily, we only hammered the nails into the wood, and didn’t flatten any fingers! Once our looms were created, we chose some colourful wool and weaved. While Mr Jones and Mrs Brice worked with a small group (making sure no children accidentally sawed off any fingers), we had to practise drawing pictures of Queen Victoria. Once we drew her, we had to look at our drawings and find ways that we could draw her again and improve upon our original drawing. After doing this a few times, we ended up with amazing drawings. “Drawing Queen Victoria was my favourite part of the day because even though I had to do it over and over again, it was really fun.” (PW)

“It was epic because we really got the experience off the Victorian life” (EG). “I really enjoyed doing the weaving because it was fun!” TD

Two of our Queen Victoria drawings by Elodie and Summer L