Year 5

Year 5 Star Wars WOW Day

On Wednesday 24th January, Year 5, having studied Star Wars as their literacy theme, enjoyed a WOW day packed full of fun doing various arts and crafts activities at Long-well Green School.

We went into the classroom, and sat down at the tables in groups. My group was made up of six people and included all my friends: Max, Sammy, Izzy, Gracie, Cara and Molly. Our first activity was to write a Star Wars script and act it out. My part, which was to play Darth Vader, was a lot of fun.

After that, we went outside of the classroom to practise our amazing script. It took ages, but we finally got there after a lot of hard work!

Next, we moved onto the rocket making activity. We made rockets constructed out of plastic bottles and painted them. Later, we got to launch some of them using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. It was exciting but a bit stinky! It was really funny when it didn’t work properly, the vinegar and soda fizzed out all around.

Soon, it was time for lunch. Everyone had their lunch and went out to play, but then we had to go back inside for wet play. During wet play, we watched a bit of Star Wars, and though I normally like science fiction, I think I prefer playing outside.
It was then time for us to make our Darth Vader bookmarks. Mrs Brice, who was working with us, welcomed us to the table and showed us how to make them. I shall be using my bookmark in my school reading book.

When we finished that, all the groups had to act out their script in front of everyone else. As a class, we voted for the best performance. Adam’s group was voted the best.

We all really enjoyed our WOW day because all the activities were great fun. I am sure the next Year 5s will enjoy this WOW day as much as we did. By Charlie (B5)


Year 5 Victorian WOW Day

Year 5 had their Victorian WOW day last week. The next day, children wrote a recount of their day. This is what Jasmine in Year 5 had to say about the day.

Last week we had our Victorian WOW day, which was the best day ever and enjoyable. This recount will tell you everything we did from start to finish. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading all about our day.

First of all, we had to line up outside of a classroom door, until Mrs Brice told us to come and sit down in our seat. She asked the girls to sit at the back because they were not as important as the boys, who sat right at the front. At the front of the room, there was a picture of Queen Victoria and a map of the British Empire. I learnt that Britain ruled lots of countries. Next, we were told to do some handwriting on Queen Victoria, who ruled for over 60 years.

When we finished the handwriting exercise, we went to the hall, to play Victorian games. The first game we played was charades, where we had to act out a Victorian job, person or book. The next game we played was a game called Kim’s Game, where we had a tray full of objects, and took one object away, then people had to guess what was taken away. Other games we played were blind man’s buff and pass the chess piece around the circle.

Later we made some Christmas decorations, which were made out of paper card and music paper. Whilst Mrs Smith helped people make Christmas decorations, Mrs Brice helped people make a wooden weaving frame. We used a saw and hammer to create the wooden frames and nails to wind the wool around. When we made the wooden frames, it was only four people at a time, so some people made theirs the next day.

After that, we sketched a portrait of Queen Victoria using charcoals. My sketch, which I was quite pleased with, was brilliant. Later, we drew a still life drawing of a bunch of flowers that Mrs Brice had brought in. We used pastels on black paper, which was entertaining.

In the end, when the day had finished, it was time to go home and I wished the day could have been longer. My favourite part was when we made the wooden frame, because it was different to what we would usually do in class or in a usual lesson. By the end of the day, I knew some more skills, and they were very handy!
By Jasmine
Year 5