Year 6

Latest updates from Year 6

Year 6 Visit to Lifeskills

On Thursday 1st February, Year 6 went to Lifeskills. First we went on the coach. It was fun, noisy and very long. We finally got there after a 20 minute journey. Lifeskills is in the centre of Bristol in the old tobacco factory. We went in and got into groups of three. Then we got given a tour guide. We did lots of activities and we will tell you some of them.
Lauren & Imogen

First we learnt first aid in a charity shop and the scenario was that a life-sized dummy was being crushed by a ladder. He was unconscious so we had to do DRAB. D stands for danger. You must remove all dangers from the scene so we have to remove the ladder from on top of the boy. R stands for response so we had to gently tap each of the boy’s shoulders three times and ask him to do something. A stands for airways. To check his airways, we had to lift his chin up and put our ear to his mouth and nose and listen for their breathing. This also cover B for breathing.

Next, we visited the dark alleyway and we learnt that we should always go the longer but lighter way rather than the shorted but darker way. You should never walk alone down a dark alleyway. In the fake alleyway, we heard a lady screaming that she was being attacked by a man with a knife. We made a pretend call to 999 and asked for the police. They said that they would arrive as soon as possible at the address we provided them with. 

We were escorted to a role play kitchen where we had to identity the danger so that it was safe for a person to be in. To begin with, we had to place a raw chicken on the correct shelf in the fridge. We had to put it on the bottom shelf (next to the sausages) because raw meat should always go together in case the meat juice leak. If we put it on the top or middle shelf and the juices from the meat leaked, it would contaminate all the food below it. We also had to turn the handle of the sauce pan so
that it was pointing towards the wall and not outwards so anybody could into it and knock the pan over in the process.
Vanessa & Elodie
We went into a house that had a fire and learnt that you need to STOP! DROP! ROLL! You need to make sure everybody is out of the house (if animals are in there, you should leave them), then call the fire brigade on 999.
Evie S & Lewis

We went to the beach. They taught us to be careful when walking on the sand because there could be dangers there. Read the signs because sometimes you could walk/swim into a dangerous are. If you see someone drowning, call for a coastguard and don’t try and save them.
Sharnie & Harry C
Year 6 had an excellent time at Lifeskills and learnt lots of life-saving, important information.

On Thursday 1st of February, Year 6 went on a visit to Lifeskills!

Firstly, we went into a fake drug store. We looked at different drugs and medicines. Then we had to put them in their correct places on a magnet board. After that, we went into another room where we learned how drugs and alcohol can affect us and the people around us. It was really interesting. Then, we went to another part of the building. It was a road with three cars and it had shops and houses around it. We had to listen left then right then look left then right. After we had looked and listened, we crossed the road. We got told that if a car was coming thirty miles per hour with a tissue box in the boot, it could hit one of the passengers or the driver. If I did hit someone, the tissue box would feel like a brick as they were going fast. We went to the CO-OP. All the food and drinks were fake but the shop looked identical to the real one. We had to buy milk and cereal then pay for it with a fake £5 note. They purposely gave us the wrong amount of change to see how long it took us to realise.

After that, we went into a charity shop where there was a boy lying on the floor with a ladder on top of him. He was struggling to breathe. Don’t worry it was a dummy not a real boy. We were taught how to look after someone if they were in this situation. We got to call the ambulance (it was only our teachers).

We went into a fake house where everything looked real. There was a bedroom with loads of dangerous items in it. We had to open another door to a different bedroom. When we opened the door, everyone jumped because it was lighting up red. It had caught on fire. Everybody was petrified! When we got out the house, we called the fire brigade (only our teachers again). Then, we went into a dark alley-way. There was a woman screaming as there was a man with a knife trying to stab her. It was very scary but everyone loved it. We had to call the police (also our teachers).

We also did loads more exciting activities. It was a great school trip and we’d love to do it again!
Jasmine & Mia

Year 6 Egyptian WOW Day

I really enjoyed making the death masks. We drew the shape of our faces on a piece of card and then painted it. We cut them out to wear. Carys
I enjoyed watching people come in with all their funny Egyptian costumes. It was really interesting to see what the Egyptians wore. Libbie
One of the activities was sticking your hand in a slime bucket to try and find 12 pharaoh eye-balls. Scarlett
We waxed a piece of paper, then scratched hieroglyphics onto it. We wrote different messages. Callum S
It was funny wrapping someone in toilet paper to turn them into a mummy. They then had to do the catwalk. Summer S
At the end, we drew on a massive piece of paper on the wall which was meant to be inside the pharaoh’s tomb. We painted lots of hieroglyphs and pictures on it. Dom

Zumba for PE



A History lesson on the Ancient Egyptians and mummification where the children mummified a tomato!


Parliament Education Service visit

On Tuesday 17th October the school was visited by Roz Birch of the Parliament Education Service. She spoke in assembly to all the KS2 children about how the Houses of Parliament work and she also held more in-depth workshops for the Y6 pupils. This was a great opportunity for our children to understand more about ‘British Values’. The assembly presentation Roz gave is now on our website, under Children in School/Wider Curriculum

‘I liked getting into our party groups and making a manifesto that could help the school.’ Grace B6

‘I learnt that debates are held in the houses of par-liament.’ Poppy B6

‘The Queen visits the Houses of Parliament once a year.’ Callum B6

‘I enjoyed making our own political parties and coming up with ways to improve the school.’
Isabelle E6

‘I had lots of fun learning about parliament and the process of building a government.’ Evie G E6

‘It was really fun to vote on each other’s’ parties. It was like we were in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.’ Georgie E6

‘I learnt that a political party needs more than half the seats to form a government.’ Harry E6

‘Before someone came in from parliament, I didn’t know that there were two debating chambers: the House of Commons and The House of Lords.’ Libbie E6