Year 6

Year 6 Electricity Wow Day

We learnt how to make a circuit and that it is harder than you think. A lot of the things we use are powered by electricity. Circuits can be represented by symbols that show the different components. A circuit has to be complete for it to work. The more cells you have, the brighter the bulb will be. A hairdryer uses the most watts. There are a lot of dangerous electrics in the household – be careful!

My favourite part was designing the moun-tain rescue equipment – it was fun! -Jack B
I enjoyed making a human circuit with Mrs Cardy outside- Louis
I enjoyed going on the lap tops making circuits connect – Liam
I really enjoyed building the circuits to make our mountain rescue product. George
I thought it was really funny when we went outside and got into group to make our bodies circuits. We used scarves, beanbags and high-viz jackets! James
I found it amazing when we all joined hands in a circle and the little electric ping-pong ball buzzed. If we let go of each other’s hands, the circuit broke and the buzzing stopped. Briony
I learnt a lot about how electricity works! Laila
I enjoyed making our own vehicles and mountain rescues items out of Lego and Knex. Charlie
I didn’t really know much about electricity before our WOW day! Jack

Year 6 Egyptian WOW day and personal challenge

We did a 10 second mannequin challenge pretending to be Egyptian workers. For example building the pyramids and fishing by the River Nile. We learnt how to write our names in hieroglyphics. This is Egyptian writing that uses symbols and pictures instead of letters. We played a game where we had to guess what Egyptian item was being mimed. This was tricky! We designed and painted our own death masks. They were very big and colourful. It was a lot of fun! During our wow day, we acted out different scenes that may have been from an Egyptian town.

For our personal challenge, there were lots of amazing power-points and models. Everyone worked really hard and it was interesting to learn lots of facts that we hadn’t learnt in lessons.