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2017-18-Y6 Term 1 Evolution

2017-18-Y6 Term 2 Walk like an Egyptian

Parliament Education Service visit

On Tuesday 17th October the school was visited by Roz Birch of the Parliament Education Service. She spoke in assembly to all the KS2 children about how the Houses of Parliament work and she also held more in-depth workshops for the Y6 pupils. This was a great opportunity for our children to understand more about ‘British Values’. The assembly presentation Roz gave is now on our website, under Children in School/Wider Curriculum

‘I liked getting into our party groups and making a manifesto that could help the school.’ Grace B6

‘I learnt that debates are held in the houses of par-liament.’ Poppy B6

‘The Queen visits the Houses of Parliament once a year.’ Callum B6

‘I enjoyed making our own political parties and coming up with ways to improve the school.’
Isabelle E6

‘I had lots of fun learning about parliament and the process of building a government.’ Evie G E6

‘It was really fun to vote on each other’s’ parties. It was like we were in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.’ Georgie E6

‘I learnt that a political party needs more than half the seats to form a government.’ Harry E6

‘Before someone came in from parliament, I didn’t know that there were two debating chambers: the House of Commons and The House of Lords.’ Libbie E6


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