Residential Trips


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Stone Farm assembly

It was lovely to see so many parents and carers at the Year 6 Stone Farm assembly this morning; what a fantastic assembly the children put together! Well done Year 6!

Year 5 Visit to Hooke Court

Last Wednesday, Year 5 set off on their annual residential trip to Hooke Court in Dorset. The aim of the trip was to get to know each other better through various activities and team building games, away from home. We felt a little sad because some of our class mates decided to stay behind.

On arrival, we went straight to our rooms, unpacked, and had to make our beds (a task that proved to be more difficult than we thought). “It was really tricky because we had to do it all by ourselves and it was the first time I had ever done it!” (Evie –B5) “Making our own beds was really, really difficult.” (Callum – J5)

We played team-building games that involved crossing shark infested seas using tiles of carpet, finding and putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle and getting the ammonite back to its home. We learnt that the best teams have good communication and listening skills and that you have to work together in order to achieve your goals.

In the evening, we decorated a box with shells. “ I learnt that some shells can be very dangerous and sharp and that razor clams used to be used as shavers.” (Scarlett – B5). “ I really enjoyed shell craft – it was one of my favourite activities because it was a challenge when you stuck the shells on and they kept falling off.” (Sharnie – B5) “Shell craft was really fun because I tried to make my box symmetrical but there weren’t enough symmetrical shells.” (Georgie, J5)

After a delicious breakfast on Thursday, we walked to the forest where we split up into tribes, built tribal shelters and voted for a tribal leader. “It was really fun because we had to make trails for the other tribes!” (Evie –J5) We then designed a tribal pattern and painted our faces and made up a tribal chant to frighten our enemies. Not only did we look terrifying but our tribal chants were loud and menacing – enough to send any invader running for their lives! “It was really hard to make the shelters because they were slimy and muddy.” (Ruby – J5) We had time to go back to Hooke Court for a quick lunch before our next activity which was the scavenger hunt. We were given a long list of items that we had to find, like round stones, twigs, animal bones and then we had to make a map with these items for our opponent tribe to follow. Later that afternoon, we played an invasion game: “It must have been difficult in olden times when they had to scavenge for their supplies!” (Isabelle – B5)

After tea, we made our way to the woods and sat round a campfire singing songs, telling jokes and eating gooey marshmallows. “My favourite song was the tribal chant!” (Matthew –B5) Afterwards, we were really tired and went straight to bed after showering. I think our teachers were pleased about that!

On Friday morning after another enjoyable breakfast, we stripped our beds and packed all our belongings before our last activity. “Bridging the moat was really fun and my team won!” (Milly – J5) We had to get medical supplies (a log) over the ‘River Piddle.’ We worked as a team to build tripods, throw a rope from one side of the river to the other, connect the tripods with a tightrope and then use this to get the medical items across. “We found this really hard to throw the rubber ring to the other side of the river” (Grace – J5) Using our now highly-accomplished team work skills, we all succeeded. Then, we raced each other to see which team could pull the medical supplies across the quickest. All too soon, it was time to head home. On the one hand we were sad to be leaving but on the other hand we were glad to going back home to mum and dad.

It was a fantastic experience, which we all enjoyed, and we would all love to go back again some time soon. “I really enjoyed being at Hooke Court because the activities were great fun and the food was delicious. I would definitely recommend that you go to Hooke Court” (Max –B5)