School Council

Every September a new school council is elected. This is made up of one boy and one girl from every class in Y2-Y6. Children who wish to represent their class have to inform their peers as to why they would make the best school council member for their class! Then we have a secret ballot and the girl and boy with the most votes gets to be their class councillor.

Once elected, the children can sign up to different roles within the School Council.

Here are our current members for the Year 2019/2020:

Year 6 – Jade Kai Lottie Joseph
Year 5 – Faina Sonny Sophie Harri
Year 4 – Sophie Oscar Poppy Riley
Year 3 – Ava Liam Millie William
Year 2 – Lucy William Mollie Zayn

The School Council runs for the whole year, and these children will play an important part in planning and organising events and activities in school. It is a big responsibility and we hope the children are up for the challenge of representing their classes!

School Council 2018 -2019

What we have achieved over the year

  • Wrote our own manifestos and held elections.
  • Discussed expectations of being a school councillor.
  • Thought about aims and ideas for the year and asked classes for their ideas.
  • Organised fundraising for Children in Need and whole school assembly about why we support the cause.
  • Looked at lunchtimes and the positives of the new arrangements.
  • Met with Mrs Thornell to discuss the use of the Playpod.
  • Organised fundraising for Red Nose Day.
  • Interviewed for a new Deputy Headteacher.
  • Worked with the Wellbeing Team to share thoughts and ideas to help promote wellbeing for everyone.
  • Talked about how children can feel safe and cared for in school, asked classes for their opinions and wrote an anti bullying statement for the website. View Anti Bullying School Council policy 
  • Helped with suggestions for Wellbeing Week.
  • Most importantly of all, all worked together as a team, showed commitment, care for the school community and all councillors grew in confidence, using our school values.